Ural.Plener 2015

At the end of June this year, under the assistance of the general director of the sanatorium “Sungul” Krivtsovoj Elena Vladimirovna, it was organized by the plein-air for the Ukrainian artist Andrei Cebotaru. Throughout the month Andrey wrote unforgettable expanses of the Urals, its lakes and mountains. The artist traveled a lot, and the result of his many Travel began painting, which depicts the wonderful places of the Chelyabinsk region. Kyshtym, Kasli, Ozersk, and also the largest lake: Big Kisegach, Itkul, Irtyash, the Urals, its top, and more embodied in the works of the author.
According to the artist, these places left him a deep impression. Landscapes of the edges are filled with peace and depth, they are amazingly beautiful mountains bordering the waters of lakes, forests and plains. All this is woven together in the same place where Andrew works, all this can not fail to inspire. The work opens up a whole new series of paintings, with the new color, composition, air. They are dynamic in color, but they tell the audience about peace.
Long road, a warm welcome, continuing to work together…