After a fruitful work in Lviv , I went to Zacarpathia . The route goes through Volovets. I stayed in the old village Pylypets . According to legend, he founded his Pilip – hence the name of the village . The mountain village is situated at an altitude of 700 – 750 m . Here in the forest , under the slopes of the mountains , the river flows Pylypets , Ploshanka and Pilipchik.



But most of all I was impressed by the waterfall Shipit. Its origins are in the high Borzhavski Polonyna . Very beautiful waterfall falls down several cascades. Shipit charmed my opinion – I have a lot of time spent on the waterfall , reflecting its grandeur and beauty so that through their work to share with you this tale . The water is freshest and coolest .


It looks picturesque waterfall during the beginning of the golden autumn , the yellow surrounded by forest. At this time there are a lot of water , which is fast , the noise falls from a height of 14 meters !

In the village Pylypets I worked 10 days . Then he went to look for at least picturesque place near the village Synevir . It is located in a picturesque corner of the Carpathian Mountains , near the river Tereblya . Climbing higher and higher into the mountains the weather met me cold wind and rain, but the divine nature and the magnificent landscapes haunted . I decided to conquer Synevyrska pass – the gate in the Carpathians .





On the way , the artists often met , despite the fact that most of the time there was a rain . Unique view on the plateau surrounded by the peaks of the highest peaks of the Carpathians inspired.



On Synevyrska pass me unexpectedly with gusts of icy wind caught the snow . High in the mountains should be prepared for the vagaries of nature, however, I decided to move on !





In Zacarpathia , I worked for two and a half weeks, and to return to Kiev I have already planned a trip to Odesa region , the city of Vilkovo – Ukrainian Venice.