From May to July 2018, my plein air passed in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is an amazingly beautiful country, rich in various landscapes and sights – these are tulip fields in spring, green meadows, mills, many canals, water lilies, port cities, marinas with yachts and boats, majestic ships, sea promenade, architecture, etc. I have worked in many cities in the Netherlands – Volendam, Monikandam, Lisse, The Hague, Haarlem, Leiden, Spardam, Zandvord.


Most of the time I worked in Amsterdam – the capital of the Netherlands, and of course this city is the pearl of the country. The capital of art and contrasts, the city in which life is in full swing around the clock. The special beauty and energy of Amsterdam – which has become close and dear to me. The first city in my practice that I wrote at night.

I hope my paintings convey the unique beauty of the Netherlands. Look at this country with my eyes!